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Frequently Asked Questions

The Test

Who is PTE Academic suitable for?

PTE Academic is for non-native speakers of English who need to demonstrate their English language ability, for entrance onto courses at universities or colleges, and/or for visa requirements.

How old do I need to be to take PTE Academic?

You must be at least 16 years old. If you are 16 or 17 years old, you must provide a signed parental consent form before taking the test.

Do I have to take PTE Academic in my home country?

No. You can take it at any of our test centres around the world.

Make sure you check what type of ID you have to use. If you are outside of your home country, you will probably be asked to show your passport at the test centre.

Do I have to choose my college/university before the test?

No. You can choose the institutions you want to send your scores to after you have seen your results.

Do I need to know about a specific subject to take the test?

No. PTE Academic is a test of your English ability. The test covers a range of subjects, but you are not being tested on these subjects.

Do I need computer skills to take the test?

You do not need any special computer skills. We recommend taking a practice test to get used to moving through tasks. You can also watch the tutorial to familiarise yourself with the test.

The PTE Academic test is taken using a QWERTY keyboard, where the letters on the top line spell out 'QWERTY'. If you are not used to this type of keyboard, it may help to practice with one before you take the test.

The Course

What English language level do I need before taking the PTE Academic Preparation Course?

In order to achieve B1 CEFR, PTE 36 you need to have an intermediate level of English. In order to attain B2 CEFR, PTE 51 you need to have an upper intermediate level of English.

You can take the PTE Academic Preparation Course at any level. However, the course will prepare you for the exam; it will not improve your level of English.

Where can I find more information about CEFR B1 or B2?
How can I pay for the course?

You can pay for the PTE Academic Preparation Course at our online shop.

Can I watch the videos more than once?

You can watch the videos up to a maximum of 10 times.

How long is the course?

The full course allows you to access the introduction package, lessons and practice test for four weeks.

Is my activity monitored?

We monitor your online activity so you can see the time you have spent on the course, which activities you have completed and your scores.

How will it help me succeed?

The online PTE Academic Preparation Course will help you become more familiar with the PTE Test of English Academic. It will increase your chances of achieving a good score, through familiarisation with the different components of the exam.

Is there any guarantee of success?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee success in the exam. Your exam performance is down to you.

How interactive is the programme?

Very interactive – the platform enables students to interact directly with the materials and the exam components. Much of the course material is available in PDF format and hard copy, but students are also able to register and record their responses on screen. The course is designed to allow students to practise the test components before accessing the answers and feedback. The course simulates what students will experience in the real exam.